A Turning Point

by Soleira Green

After writing Choosing the New Earth this morning, I discovered just a few hours later what was happening in the United States with the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Yes, this is not the human race at its finest, but as I watched it something filled me with a knowing...a knowing that this could be the turning point in human history. The point at which we release the need to hate each other, to seek revenge for one crime after another, to kill others in the name of faith, reason and justice. There is in this moment another potential. From the ashes of the fires rises the profound potential for the human race to truly know each other regardless of colour, creed, faith, country, belief. From the ashes rises the new humanity linked in profound relationship, heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit...reassuring all that this is our time to come forth and be the new.

At our house, we took a few minutes to tune in to where that profound potential was being held and we discovered that there are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of you all over the world, holding your detachment in the face of this crisis, and holding the profound and pure potential of humanity to rise now from the ashes of despair to become all that they can be. If you wish to do anything today in support of this potential manifesting, then join with all those who will see this profound potential 'reali'ised now. Feel the power of the connection in your soul and stand in and for the new emerging now...the phoenix from the ashes, humanity at its finest.

With love,

A Turning Point by Soleira Green

[reprinted with permission]


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