7 Days After the Trauma

by Kay Snow-Davis

Aloha Dear Ones,

We are now seven days away from the trauma. I am sure your body and life are having different experiences than last week. Today I would like to share with you some of the information that was brought to Kaua'i on the post-disaster recovery for us in 1992.

1. Whatever has been "hidden" or "suppressed" personally or collectively has been or will be exposed. In any area of life where there has been a vulnerability, lack of integrity, denial, hidden fear, resentment, hopelessness etc., when a trauma of this magnitude influences daily life, these places can no longer remain hidden and they will "burst forth" in life, in order for change to take place in a more balanced, healthy way. Healing takes place from the inside out, personally and collectively. This allows healing and renewal in our lives.

2. When this much "hidden" energy gets released and surfaces carrying so much fear and trauma, this is primal power "looking for a target". . . .someone to blame for our pain and our fear. On many levels this crisis can feel life threatening and generates the fear, consciously or unconsciously, that gets amassed in reaction to the fear of the unknown.

3. Your "normal" life has been disrupted long enough now that your physical and emotional body will begin to feel the stress and reaction. Your sleeping habits have changed, your daily routine is non-existant as it used to be, your eating habits are probably less conscious, your emotions may feel like a daily roller coaster and emotionally and physically you are probably "pushing" yourself to handle what life is requiring of you right now.


5. The BIGGER the crisis/trauma appears the smaller you need to make your daily focus. If you "go down", mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually you become part of the problem not part of the solution. Get back in touch with your personal world, your personal reality, your personal needs. Commit to spending equal time taking care of yourself as you are watching TV or taking care of others. You must regain some personal balance in order to serve others in a healthy way. You are in for a marathon not a sprint in recovery. It takes time to recovery from a trauma of this magnitude and somewhere you have to regain personal balance for you and your family. This supports the whole planet.

6. Whether you are in New York or Washington DC, have personally lost a loved one or not, your heart is connected to all that have and are suffering these loses and this influences your neurological system as well. We are all interconnected. There is a good possibility that your neurological system is overloaded right now. Some symptoms are:

a. Hyper-vigilant behavior - your nervous system feels like it is on "red alert" waiting for the "next shoe to drop", so you never get to relax and really feel rested. This can create adrenal exhaustion that influences the autonomic nervous system. You really must slow down, take more quiet alone time, rest more often and DRINK MORE WATER. Find a practitioner in your area that can teach you the Emotional Freedom Technique (www.emofree.com). This is a fast and reliable way to tap out your trauma and stress and support your mental, emotional and physical balance.

b. Hyper-sensitive behavior - your "emotional pitcher is full". One more thing in your life causes you to "spill over emotionally" in ways that are unusual for you. This is a common symptom for an overloaded neurological system. Your neurological system has no more room for stress. The same support that you would use for hyper-vigilant response is also useful for this condition. For both conditions you may want to refer to The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke Ph.D. This is a book of extensive research on natural ways to support your body to return to homeostasis.

7. Reaction is fear based. Action is personal power based. When you take action that comes from your heart to make peace in your life and thus contribute to peace on the planet then your gift to the future is a sustaining one. You will feel more balanced and fulfilled if your actions in life match your heart and soul desires. Power flows where your focus goes.

8. Cooperation and communication is vital in a crisis. You can de-escalate a large amount of trauma by talking with others, debriefing with grief and trauma groups,trusting your intuition and inner guidance and taking steps of action to comfort and nurture yourself, your partner, your children, your family, and your community.

9. Everyone is unique. No one will feel, think, see, respond, believe or act on this crisis/trauma the same way you do nor at the same pace. This is perfectly normal and natural. Your timing and process is perfect for you. Be patient with yourself. It takes 18 - 24 months for the emotional body to begin to have a natural balance again after a trauma of this magnitude. Now more than ever look for quality of living not the "pace/race" of living. Slow down your nervous system needs this support.

10. We all share the same breath on this planet. ALOHA - ALO is universal space, HA is the breath. No matter how alone you may feel at this moment, breath. . . .millions of others are breathing with you at the same time. You are NEVER alone, on any level. Reach out. . .someone needs your love, your smile and to share in your ALOHA.

With Aloha and Blessings from Kaua'i, Hawai'i,

Kay Snow-Davis

Kay Snow-Davis
Kapa'a, Kauai, HI
(808) 822-4332 24 hour VM

[reprinted with permission]


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