Keeping Your Balance

by Kay Snow-Davis

September 11, 1992 Hurricane Iniki arrived on Kaua'i bringing 167 mph to 227 mph for 5 hours. I had never been in a hurricane. I did not know what to do.

September 11, 2001 a traumatic disaster occurred in the continental United States. I have never experienced this kind of disaster in my lifetime. I want to share with you some of what I learned from being in a disaster and how to keep your balance and life moving in a healthy way.

1. Whatever you are feeling is "normal for you right now". There is no "normal" feelings for conditions like this because this is not a normal condition.

2. You are in shock, mentally, physically and emotionally. Unless you have previous experience of this kind of condition your neurological system has no reference point on "how to handle" this condition. When an unknown of this magnitude occurs, our body produces "shock" so we can gradually wake up to the experience we have just gone through when we are emotionally capable of handling it.

As the shock wears off you may feel "let down". This is a common feeling that may occur as your emotions begin to create a new balance. It is important during this time of recovery to be respectful of your physical needs - rest, exercise, food, water, comfort, and nurturing. This is not a good time to force yourself to keep going when your body says "REST".

3. Every thing is Energy and Information. All life is interconnected. No matter what city or state you live in your life has been traumatized by this experience. Be considerate and patient with your self in the next 6 - 8 months if you notice you feel differently; life does not have the same meanings and values as before this incident, your relationship with yourself and others may change as well as your work, you may feel more emotional than is usual for you, your children and partner may seem different to you, etc. This is all a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual calibration going on in all levels of your life to adjust to a new "norm" in your world.

4. Your life will never be the same. You cannot "go back" no matter how much comfort that thought brings you, it is impossible. Therefore you must train your self to focus on this moment, your choices that will support you to go forward in your life in a healthy balanced way. Your healthy balanced way may not look like any one else's. Trust yourself to know how to properly care for your needs.

5. Any "unknown or unfamiliar" situation or condition in life is registered by the limbic part of the brain as "unsafe" which generates a feeling of fear. Because for most of us, war in our homeland is unknown or unfamiliar, this can generate random "fear storms" going off in your body, for seemingly no reason. The moment you are in may not be fearful and if you experience a "fear storm" it may be your neurological system releasing the fear that got locked up when you really registered how this incident affects you personally.

6. Crisis prioritizes life in a meaningful way. If you will give yourself permission to take the time to listen and re-evaluate what is truly important to you now, your heart has been so deeply influenced by this tragedy and will reveal your next steps. Prioritize these values that you recognize are important to you now and take steps of action to implement them as your lifestyle. . .one baby step at a time. There is no rush. It is just important to begin and keep moving with your new life.

7. Talk story with others. Everyone can de-escalate their shared trauma if they talk it out with others.

8. Check out this web site, and see if there is a practitioner in your area that uses the Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a simple, powerful tool you can learn that will release trauma imprinted in your neurological system. This tapping technique uses the principles of accupuncture, without the needles,to balance out your emotions.

9. Reach out and love someone, now. . . .you may never get the same chance.

We are NEVER alone, love connects every heart, we all share the same breath, and our Angels are always on duty loving and supporting us.

Mahalo for being in my life.
Aloha and blessings to you,

Kay Snow-Davis

Kay Snow-Davis
Kapa'a, Kauai, HI
(808) 822-4332 24 hour VM

[Reprinted with permission]


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