An Opening for Change

by John L. Petersen

Americans are at an extraordinary point in history that cries out for scenario thinking - trying to outline the alternative ways forward. We now have every incentive to seriously think through all of the possible outcomes of this defining event and reject those at lead toward a more chaotic world. The way forward from here could be very painful... if we allow it to happen. But there is now an opening for change, before the system settles down again onto a new trajectory. Our responses will have long term effects, whether good or bad, so if we don't begin to understand, in deep, profound ways what is going on here, it is almost certain that we will make serious mistakes. America can and must learn from this extraordinary event. If we take advantage of the moment to carefully consider the likely and possible long-term implications of our reactions, we could make the best of a very bad affair. In a very real way, nothing less than the future of humanity is at stake. The choice is up to us.

John L. Peterson
The Arlington Institute

Reprinted with permission

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