A peace story contributed by Montana Gray.

"Merlin, I'm sorry to be so bothersome, but I need some serious help here." The girl bowed her head as if humbled.

Merlin, smiling that impish smile that only Merlin could, answered quietly.

"What is the trouble, dear one? What is worrying that wonderfully curious mind of yours?"

"I'm at a loss, Merlin. How can I get it across to them that they're getting it all wrong? How can I teach them to call their power back? They don't see the greater story and there isn't much time, is there, Merlin?"

Merlin was standing in his great library. Hundreds of aged volumes on magic and wisdom filled the floor to ceiling bookshelves. Large stained glass windows in vibrant colors allowed the sun to stream through generously, filling the room with an almost mystical light. Holding his chin thoughtfully, Merlin walked toward the large old desk in the center of the room. Illumined by a violet stream of light, the large leather bound book offered it's yellowed pages invitingly.

Merlin fussed around the book, turning the pages swiftly. When Merlin was eager for a student to learn something, he often became excited, almost agitated. He could be an impatient wizard,but it was a benevolent sort of impatience. Learning titillated Merlin and contemplating others learning excited him even more. So now he was zealous to find the pages which held the answers to the girl's questions.

Finding the chapter he was seeking, Merlin huffed and puffed excitedly. "Yes, yes, yes. Now here we are." Gesturing toward the opened pages, he turned toward the girl.

"Remember, this is the Book of All Time, it contains the future and the past, though we know they are the same." The twinkles in Merlin's green eyes betrayed his amusement. He was often secretly delighted with his wisdom and loved the anticipation of sharing it with others.

With that, Merlin disappeared, as wizards do, leaving the girl at the large desk with the large old book.

She sat down on the tattered threadbare chair by the desk, leaning against it's velvet padded high backed support. Clearly, it was a few centuries old, but Merlin loved it, and one had to admit it was quite comfortable. Many students of magic and the universe had sat in this very chair, and the girl loved being surrounded by all that desire for learning.

She began at the top of the page.

"If you are reading this, you are a student of tomorrow.

This is a view of the planet earth as it approached the millennium. Know this. By understanding the direction this planet is headed because of it's thought forms, you may change it's course by changing your own thought forms. The hundredth monkey truth has more power than you know. The ancients predicted this time thousands of years ago. Their calendars cease between the years 1994 and 2012. They called this period "the time of no time". Modern scribes say that is because the future is being written in real time. The inhabitants of planet earth during this time will become co-creators of their own reality.

Massive changes are occurring as you read this. The planet's vibrations are changing, and as they do, life as you know it is being birthed in a new way.

The reason light is disappearing from the world is because the planet's citizens no longer believe in using their own power. The lure of creating one's own reality has virtually evaporated in this world. I write these observations as my own. I am a ruminator and observer of life. I chose to come here as a teacher; I find myself in need of students." Meldeshetar

Meldeshetar's Journal Begins:

"As the world become modernized and mechanized, its citizens lost their belief in that which they could not see. Great corporations were built just as the pyramids in Egypt were constructed. A tiny few towered over the many slaves that built the pyramids, and little respect was granted to workers in either arena.

Those pyramids and corporations were conceived by the few who still valued the power of ideas and manifested by the ones who were employed to carry out their visions.

The workers were told it was their purpose to construct a better pyramid and if they worked very hard, they might one day be offered a place in the golden room. But few ever reached that room. And the ones who did, were often evicted without warning at a later date. Insecurity reined.

The workers forgot that the origin of those pyramids was an idea. And they forgot that no one owns ideas. Ideas and the ability to manifest ideas are available to anyone. But since they couldn't see an idea, they lost faith in the concept.

As the years went on, many of the citizens also forgot about energy.

Primitive civilizations had greater knowledge of energy and manifestation than these alleged enlightened ones. Primitive civilizations knew that energy is the force behind everything seen and unseen. They recognized that even after our bodies are gone, our energy lives on.

The ancient ones understood through their beliefs and their rituals that energy could be manipulated, directed, and used to create. But the modern ones lost sight and connection with the old teachings. They became victims to their limited belief systems.

Many of them, while working to build someone else's pyramid (or corporation) were treated badly. Much like the slaves in Egypt, they were beaten, abused, and defamed. Of course the weapons of the modern day were words, not whips. But the effects were equally damaging.

They did not understand that they were under psychic attack. And that kind of attack is an energy vampire. It sucks the energy from the life force of all involved. The same energy that might have been used to produce a unique, greater reality.

So, while they were busy helping build someone else's pyramid, their personal energy was being diminished daily and fear was rampant.

The currency of their lives became money, not thought.

There was something else that was lost. Passion. The citizens began to define themselves by what they did, and did not pursue what they loved. Many of them did not even know what they loved. They'd never asked themselves that question. Their passion fossilized.

They traded their days and nights for this folly while their children grew up without them. Their workplace became their real living place, they spent so many hours there. And in the shadows, wives and families waited for the few precious hours they might have together, when their loved ones got home from "work".

As the truth of creation and energy became more and more diffused, these citizens became servants to others. Their belief systems were sullied; they began to equate ownership with self-actualization. Status and prestige became more important than listening to their hearts. Real joy was a rarity for some, non-existent for others.

They were robots; each day became a mirror of the one before it. They admitted they did not like their lives, but chose to stay in them because their belief systems told them that money was the source of all good and money came only from an external source.

Had they studied their realities, they might have seen what was really happening. But their vision was myopic, not grand; and their faith in anything unseen was virtually lost.

Meanwhile, a greater story was emerging. Much greater than money, or corporations, or the pursuit of success.

The world was changing. New information was bubbling up from the Rio Abajo Rio - the river beneath the river of all consciousness. The most powerful piece of information emerging was that thoughts are things.

Modern man had a difficult time with this concept, again because of a faulty belief system that required all "truths" to be visible. So as the millennium approached, the guardians of the planet pushed technology advances on these beings so they would be able to believe by actually "seeing".

It was the advent of quantum physics.

Viewing sub-atomic particles through microscopes, scientists noted that their thoughts could influence movement. For example, if the scientist envisioned a circle in his mind, these tiny creators of this vast universe would arrange themselves into a circle. Amazingly, the thought of a rectangle would cause these particles to arrange themselves into that form - the "thought form". A microcosmic proof of a macrocosmic truth.

The scientists, students of quantum physics, were at first wary. How could this be? Their belief system was in direct conflict with what they were witnessing. For years, they conducted experiments, but ultimately they had to conclude that we are indeed the creators of our universe by our thoughts.

For every time, without fail, these tiny particles created exactly what they were envisioning.

Quantum physics proved that thoughts do indeed create "things". That there is an invisible but reliable connection between our thoughts and what we create.

Einstein's famous phrase; "Imagination is more important than knowledge" became a holographic testament.

Now the prophets who'd promoted visualization and affirmation were vindicated. They had been teaching a universal truth, about the control of energy and the direction of thought to one's own greatest good.

The concept of "one" began to emerge, as those who had studied quantum physics realized that everyone on the planet is a thinker, and therefore a creator. And the awareness of the collective unconscious, the vast pool which collects all thought, emerged. The Rio Abajo Rio took on enormous, justifiable importance.

Awareness spread that all thought is powerful. All thought produces a result.

Of great importance is the truth that every negative energy spewed out reverberates in a million places, not just in it's intended direction. It is also true that every positive thought of light and love can heal millions. The masses that were volunteering their lives to fear-based beliefs had no concept of the greater story; that many of their daily thought forms were infecting the planet.

The greater story was intent on being written, and so it was.

As the millennium approached, pockets of intelligence emerged. The internet turned geographic barriers into mist; truth was communicated at cyber speeds. Students of metaphysics and powers of the mind experienced accelerated knowing and understanding.

Time moved at warp speed. The ancient Mayan and Essene calendars noted that this was the "time of no time". As new truths emerged to disprove old "beliefs", information flowed voluminously. And a formerly unheard participant began to voice her disapproval.

Mother earth rumbled her discontent, manifesting her distaste at the thought forms which had damaged her. Greed had raped her forests of air producing trees, filled her oceans with pollutants, and wiped away entire populations of the food chain.

Greed was responsible for wars which polluted the atmosphere, chemicals which wiped out the ozone layer, businesses which ravaged her to her core.

Greed. A belief in lack. A belief that there is not enough to go around. Another belief system which disallowed that one could use one's power to create anything.

The planet's magnetic fields changed, frequencies and vibrations which resonate with the internal rhythms of all life were out of alignment. Weather changed; floods, earthquakes, droughts, famines, hurricanes and tornadoes screamed out her fury.

Evil was fighting good, chaos was rampant, and still the masses hung on to their faulty beliefs. They had given away their power for so long, they did not know how to call it back.

The students of light and love knew it was time to declare themselves. They must share their knowledge, forcefully if necessary. It was the "time of no time". History was being written minute by minute and the future was being affected minute by minute. All of creation needed to be honored as a gift of life.

Another belief system, that power came from brute force, manifested in everything from shootings in the streets to missiles in the air. Children, raised on television programs and news broadcasts that hyped violence and destruction, began carrying their own guns. Then they began killing other children.

Countries, governed by those with outdated fear-based belief systems, brutally murdered those inhabitants deemed to be faulty because of race.

As with all true dramas, the forces of good and evil collided.

In a seemingly parallel universe, pockets of good began to emerge. The Berlin Wall, an idea that was no longer supported in the collective unconscious, came down. Without war. Because of thought. It was not acceptable to make people live this way.

Across the world, strangers from other lands began communicating on the internet. Australians talked to Argentinians. Brits chatted with the Japanese. Social injustices were revealed and broadcast worldwide. Governments and police forces were exposed for their barbaric behavior. Many of them were removed from their positions of power.

Through newsgroups and chat rooms, email and surfing, political, social and cultural boundaries were diluted. Why go to war with the one who is now my friend and who sends me email?

The masses, the unheard majority, began telling the truth about life in their countries. The light workers joined forces worldwide, conducting same-time meditations on the internet for peace and raised consciousness.

Country leaders lost their abilities to manipulate information, as the silent masses began speaking by satellite.

The power of the truth was emerging.

Presidents of powerful countries were forced to reveal their lies. The truth would not be quelled. No longer would a high office be more powerful than the truth.

Teachers of light, the light workers, came out of their closets. Many of them were formerly business owners, wall street brokers, engineers, editors, and doctors. Ready to live a greater story, they shed their costumes, their boardrooms, their country club memberships. Honoring the call from their inner selves, they stepped into new lives.

Trained western medical doctors began teaching the powers of the mind, visualization and thought. Harvard-trained psychiatrists proclaimed the truth of past lives. Famous oncologists revealed the healing of their patients through meditation and thought.

Out of the mist appeared holistic practitioners, medical intuitives, cellular healers. Many of them stated they just "woke up" one day with their gifts and knew they had to abandon their prior lives.

These beings who risked their lifestyles for their beliefs walked away from what they had once called security. But they had the greatest security of all. Their knowledge, their beliefs, and their shared consciousness.

They became students of everything: from metaphysics to quantum physics, from Merlin to God. They knew no intellectual boundaries. Truth emerged in all forms, in many places. If someone was seeking the answer, the teacher would appear.

They relied heavily on their inner selves, their souls as it were, to guide them. Logic took a necessary back seat. In the "time of no time" new rules were being made, new truths were emerging, and old falsehoods were being exposed and cast down.

The drama continued. While the light workers were birthing themselves, many others remained dormant. Numbed by the daily news reports of death, violence and destruction, they had became blind to their inner lives. Living robot-like existences, thousands continued doing what they'd done the day before, living Thoreau's "lives of quiet desperation."

The key to everything was consciousness. As happened with the hundredth monkey, people were waking up all over the planet with powerful information, ancient knowledge, new abilities. What had been forgotten was being remembered.

A new order was emerging. But before that happened, essential chaos would reign." Meldeshetar - 1999

The girl stared for many moments. The words ended there - it didn't make sense.

"Merlin? Merlin are you there?"

Through a mist of glitter Merlin appeared. (Wizards do love to show off).

"Merlin, I don't understand. Why does it end here? There is no ending."

Merlin looked into the light beams thoughtfully.

"Dear one, the end has not been written. You are, as are your fellow citizens on the planet, currently the creators of the future and also history. Come from your heart and all will be well. Remember, thought is EVERYTHING"

The girl stayed in the chair, pondering. By now the light was almost gone, the sun setting outside. Time seemed to stop, and the girl remained sitting, thinking. Suddenly, she sat up, her eyes vibrantly shining.

"The internet. Of course. I will do what I can and I will ask others to do the same.

I will remember that "all things are possible."

First, we must start with Kosovo. This is wrong. War is an outdated and archaic engagement. We can change that. We can use our thoughts of love and right action and we can change the course of this journey.

If the ones who read this pass it on, and they pass it on, within hours thousands, perhaps millions can know that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Carol ( says to think "Only love prevails." We can do that - and with our collective thought, we CAN create both the future and history.

I will do my part. I am a light worker. So are all my internet friends. Now is the time to recall our power and CREATE the world we choose to live in.

We are all one. The refugees from Kosovo are my children, my parents, my spouse. They need food, support, relief. They need their lives back! With our thoughts of love and right action, we CAN make a positive difference.

Now is the time to really believe in our powers and use them.

I will do what I can.

With that, the girl rose and walked from Merlin's study. Outside, in his gardens, the plants seemed to sway with their approval, and the nearby ocean's waves rolled into shore as though to say, "you're finally getting it. Glad you're back. We are all one."

As the girl walked through the meadow toward her home, her soul smiled. A new history and a new future were in the making ....

All things were possible.

© Montana Gray - 3/30/99 [reprinted with permission]


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