A Great Wakeup Call

by Michael Lightweaver

Dear Friends,

The people of the USA today have experienced what many people throughout the world have been experiencing for generations - the fundamental insecurity that comes with terrorism, whether it is perpetuated by an underground organization or a government. Those who felt they had no voice and no power have been both heard and felt today in a very dramatic and tragic manner.

We have reached both a crossroads and a turning point. Everything stands in the balance. We have received a Great Wakeup Call.

In this decisive moment I am calling upon the Global Network of Light, represented by the PAN association of networks, to assume Spiritual Leadership in helping to transform this crisis into a major evolutionary step forward for our Planet. This begins first and foremost within our own hearts and Spirit.

At a human level there is the temptation to lock into the emotional body and be dominated by fear, anger, despair & uncertainty. As spiritual beings, we know that nothing is by accident and all things are in Divine Order and are but steps to toward Ultimate Good.

Today I invite you to join me in opening your heart in deep compassion for those who have died and those who have experienced the profound loss of loved ones.

Today I invite you to remember Who You Really Are, Why You Are Really Here and What This Is All About.

Today I invite you to step outside of the drama as it unfolds on your TV screen and go inside to Your Reality Source.

Today I invite you to join me in holding a Vision Of Positive Transformation For Planet Earth - at all levels: Socially, Politically, Ecologically, Spiritually.

Today I invite you to hold a vision that the annals of history will record that October 11, 2001, was a turning point in history. That through a great tragedy of unspeakable horror, the people and government of the most powerful country on Earth, woke up. And through its leadership; political, financial and spiritual, a New Earth was conceived - a place and time of Peace, Prosperity & Justice for all people everywhere; where there were no longer desperate people resorting to desperate means to right the wrongs they felt.

Now is the time for leadership. It begins within each of our hearts. Now is the time to decide whether we will be swept away by media prompted mass hysteria or step outside of the drama - reconnect deep within, and hold firm to what we know is the true Destiny of our Planet.

To this end, I am not inviting you to do a meditation at a certain time. No, I am inviting each of us to Become A Meditation; to move into a continual state of meditation with a quiet mind and peaceful heart, asking only for the Highest Good to ultimately evolve out of this crisis. It will be the quiet, calm spiritual leadership that we exemplify in this moment that will transform both our own lives, the lives of those around us, and the planet.

I Am Michael

Michael Lightweaver
Network 2012/PAN

Reprinted with permission


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