Good Friday Meditation

by Betty Lue Lieber

This morning I awoke with the happy reminder of the natural essence of our being and living. It called to be shared with you, and so I am at the keyboard early this Good Friday at 4:45 AM.

What if we are not broken, and do not need to be fixed or healed. What if the illusion, the joke on us, has been to believe that we need something we already have. What if our only mistake has been to believe what is false is true. What if you are whole, not sick. What if you really are abundant, not poor. What if you are good, not sinful. What if you are naturally beautiful, not ugly. What if you are choosing, not a victim. What if you have simply forgotten what is true.

If our healing, awakening, transformation and enlightenment is simply to remember the true nature of our being and our reality, then we can let go of our focus on the false. To be a slave to constant repair or replacement, or trying and efforting, or regretting and resenting enmeshes us more deeply in our self-made dilemma. "Let us ascend in peace together as we have ascendance in our minds" from A Course in Miracles, reflects the power of thought, faith and belief in our conscious choice.

You are whole and holy. And when you focus on your wholeness and holiness, you strengthen not only your awareness of your wholeness, but also your holiness becomes more real. To turn away from perceiving the false releases it into the nothingness from which it came. You are whole and holy. This is the truth of your being, your creator and your creation. Remember this and you will realize it is so.

You are good. And in your goodness you perceive the good which is your Divine right and the reflection of what is good and holy within you. You strengthen your goodness and the goodness in your world as you focus on and celebrate the goodness you are. Remember what you focus on is strengthened. To see and seek the evil and darkness, lack and limitation, in ourselves and our world truly creates its apparency, its presence and its seeming power.

And you are beautiful, naturally, inside and outside. Those who perceive themselves as beautiful radiate that beauty into their world. They shine naturally their beautiful ideas and loving ways and creative spirit into their families, their business and everyday affairs.

On this Good Friday, this day of goodness and mercy, where the past is forgiven and sins are "washed away" with the remembrance of Who and Whose we are, let love reign brighter than any star. Choose for one moment and one day to keep this song in your heart. I Am as God Created Me-Whole and Happy and Free. Remember to focus on the Truth: I Am Good. I Am Beautiful. I Am Whole and Holy. Only Love Prevails!!!

©1999 Betty Lue Lieber [Reprinted with permission]


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