Keep Hope Alive!
by Carol and Edward Suchecki

In the tradition of our Christian heritage, we wish you a joyous Christ Mass. This is the season when spiritual traditions worldwide invoke light into the world. We light our candles and celebrate our traditions in the spirit of light and love. In the Christian tradition we renew the Christ Consciousness within our hearts. We fan the spark of love within our hearts, uniting us with all Life. It is the spark that enables us to become one with God.

We invite you to join us in whatever tradition you use to tune into this spark of Divine Love within the heart. May we reach out across all the outer barriers of religion and politics and join hearts in a celebration of the love that unites us all.

You are not alone. There are millions of people across the planet who pray and meditate and tune into one another regularly, sometimes on a daily basis. They are a strong spiritual grass roots movement. It is growing stronger every day. We see evidence of it on the Internet in the many messages from spiritual groups and the many alternative political action groups who are working for political and social change.

We believe change in the outer world is coming. It is inevitable. When mass consciousness reaches a critical level, change can occur "in the twinkling of an eye." It happened in the Former Soviet Union, with the fall of the Berlin wall and it happened in South Africa. This time the outer crisis seems to be world wide. We now have the Internet which instantly connects us worldwide. One can wonder what a worldwide shift in consciences would do to our political and social world??? The possibility for a world wide change in the outer landscape is there.

Let us keep the love and hope within our hearts alive and continue to work for positive change in all of the many ways that are available to us.

Carol and Edward Suchecki
live in Culver City, CA


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