9-11: The Astrology of a Tragedy

by Roxanne Carol

When we take the time of an event or a crime and chart it for that time and place, it can reveal many aspects of what kinds of forces and what types of individuals were involved.

Here are some points of what I came up with:

Firstly the most influential of all aspects is the Saturn-Pluto opposition. This began August 4, 2001 and will continue to be in aspect throughout Feb. of 2003. This aspect represents the transformation (Pluto) of old stuck patterns, traditions and structures (Saturn). This aspect is a big deal because these two planets do not oppose each other very often. The last time Pluto was opposing Saturn was in 1965 and 1966 in the signs of Virgo and Pisces respectively, it was the time of the Vietnam War, the Sexual Revolution, Women's Liberation, Experimental and Hallucinogenic Drugs, etc. This aspect in traditional astrology has almost always spelled out "War" as it represents power struggles on many levels.

The signs do color it differently each time, and right now we're dealing with Pluto in Sagittarius (a fire sign of belief systems, law, religion, foreigners, strangers, alien and international cultures, travel) and Saturn in Gemini (the sign of the "Twins" (the destruction of the 'Twin Towers') an air sign of great intellect, duality, thought forms, attitudes and communications in general). This aspect always seems to follow a breakdown (Pluto) of old strongholds (Saturn), leading to healing, transmutation and a renewed sense of freedom. However, we normally need to wait till the transit is way out of the "orb of influence" before we start to really see and feel its more permanent and longer lasting results, as that is when the resistance wanes.

Using the chart of the event of the first attack on the World Trade Center which was at 8:46 a.m. NY time, Libra was on the ascendant conjunct Mercury in Libra rising. Mercury being the messenger, it was obvious that a strong message was being sent. The Moon was in the late degrees of Gemini, void of course, which contributed to the initial confusion. There was an easy 'Air' trine between Mercury in Libra, Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, and Saturn and the Moon Gemini. The events took place in the air, and the messengers were planes. The trine helped the perpetrators pull this off with apparent ease.

What stands out is the oppositions between Pluto in the 2nd house to Saturn in the 9th house. The 9th house, like Sagittarius, is the house of belief systems and rules foreign cultures, international affairs, and those that come from abroad. Saturn, the Moon, the north node and Jupiter were all aligned in the 9th house, showing that this act was done by (1) fear based-religious fanaticism (Saturn in the 9th) perpetrators were foreigners, Gemini duality indicates 2 foreign groups involved-(the Moon and Jupiter); resulting in a (2) cruel death in public (Saturn in Gemini in the 9th hs); (3) World wide public emotional response (Moon in Gemini); (4) Mercury and Saturn in mutual reception indicates soldiers following orders from their authorities; (5) Pluto (destruction and transformation ) in the 2nd house of Finances, the Economy. This one is wide scale, as all the markets of the world are affected, not to mention the obvious enormous financial losses this caused. However Pluto rises like the Phoenix out of its own ashes, and the economy (2nd house) becomes transformed and renewed!

I have heard conspiracy theories that this act was orchestrated by our own government or somehow supported by our government, not only do I totally disagree with those theories, the chart shows that this is emphatically not the case! It's unfortunate that people have been jaded by the Oklahoma City Bombing, and are confused in their thinking that this event was at all related or done by the same people. This chart clearly reveals foreign groups (9th hs) that are directly opposed to our way of life.

However, the chart does indicate that it is the result or backlash of something our government did in the past to provoke this (in the way of karma), i.e., American foreign policy, acts of war, and even trading and/or the financial backing of a group or groups that they have since been betrayed by (Saturn and Moon in Gemini/12th hs Sun & Mars conj. s.node) who have become their enemy.

The Sun in Virgo in the 12th house of (hidden enemies) shows that conspiracy theories will no doubt abound, as the Sun was in a passing 'out of orb' T-square to Saturn and Pluto. T-squares always represent "Action". No doubt something 'sinister' was at work here, and there is no doubt that the terrorists and co-horts conspired together to pull this off. However, the destiny point in the chart along with Mars ruling the 7th house of open enemies shows that those who operated in the darkness will eventually come to the light for the world to see, know and understand. (Gemini/the media).

The 3rd house has Mars conjunct the South Node. The south node represents the past and having Mars on it, indicates retribution for past aggressions (Mars), old war karma and old enemies. With Mercury in Libra rising, the perpetrators believed that they were ministering justice. While many of us would like to deny this, this was not just against 'Americans', as the World Trade Center was just that, a place where the world markets did business, as those buildings housed 43 different nations working together and doing business everyday. This was not only an attack on American culture but on Capitalism itself. The 9th house Saturn, Moon and Jupiter, along with the North Node (the destiny point) points to religious fanaticism in a big way (Jupiter), going 'over the top' for their cause.

Yes, this one was grand scale (Jupiter in the 9th), for the whole world to see, feel, experience and be woken up by it. This definitely 'rocked our boats' in a way we can't even know at this point, as the reverberations will continue for a long time. But, the very duality of this chart shows the battle of the forces between light and darkness, fear and compassion. Libra rising shows the inherent opportunity here to achieve peace, harmony and the restoration of balance. The grand trines in Air, (Mercury in Libra, Saturn/Moon in Gemini, Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius) all shows that something extraordinary will come out of this. A paradigm shift in consciousness is unavoidable.

Jupiter's influence is always on a grand scale and up at the top of the chart conjunct the Midheaven from the 9th in Cancer, the feelings and issues of safety and security both here in the US and abroad will only happen when all the terrorist groups of the world are dismantled. This was the biggest terrorist attack on our planet, and I feel its reverberations will affect any ongoing terrorist activity in Israel and Ireland. Imagine all of that coming to an end!

Jupiter in Cancer = Global Expansion of Security, between now and summer of 2002.

Mercury will retrograde in Libra from October 1 through October 23, we can expect a lot of information coming to the surface, as well as more arrests and a lot of talk about laws, both domestic and international. I suspect that once they round up the rest of the suspects and hijackers whose planes didn't get off the ground (thank God due to the fact that they closed the airports), there will be a trial, sometime before Saturn and Pluto separate again.

As I've said earlier Pluto and Saturn are in opposition till 2003, however, they tend to retrograde and separate a few degrees through the years, but come back into "exact" oppositions during the following dates: October 31, 2001- a Blue Moon Day (2nd Full Moon in the month) which will last through November of this year; and then they are exact again in May of 2002; they come close in opposition for the last time in Jan/Feb/March of 2003, and then will separate till they oppose each other again in 2035. The times around these oppositions may very well provide the atmosphere for retaliation. However, through our prayers, and holding the vibrations and visions of a peaceful world that is secure, I believe we can minimize it from becoming full blown and that it will be fair and just. Every spirit counts. Every individual who transforms their own fears into faith and compassion, their own shadow side into light and healing, adds to the energy grid that makes up this planet. We all can make a difference now.

FDR once said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself". This is the pivotal turning point of our 'test' here. The Numerology of the day: 911; was our wake-up call. If we allow these people to strike fear into us, then they have succeeded. If however, we muster up the faith, the hope and the moral courage to face our fears, move through them, and not get stuck in them, then they have failed and we triumph! This is about our freedom, our freedom to live our lives according to the beliefs and ideals that we adhere to, and not succumb to the energies and forces of fear.

The duality of the chart shows we all have a choice.

We have the opportunity here to create unity. Even though this event happened on the void of course moon in Gemini, it was only a matter of hours till the moon shifted in the watery, emotional, psychic and intuitive sign of Cancer. We need to honor our feelings. It's o.k. to feel the fear, the anger, the feelings of revenge or retaliation, because this is a human reaction to trauma, horror and sorrow. The Cancer moon passing over Jupiter in Cancer allows for the full range of emotions, however, being the sign of the Goddess, or the nurturing principle, we also feel the need to comfort and support each other, hold each other's hands, give the blood of life, which brings us all closer together. The important thing is that we do not get stuck in the negativity. We all need to have the spiritual guts to transmute the fear and eventually let go of the anger.

When an event like this rocks our world, all the petty differences pale in the face of what's really important: our lives, our family and friends, our safety, our security, our freedoms. It is obvious that our 'spiritual metal' is being tested, that we have the opportunity here to transcend and ascend our own shadow sides of hatred, revenge, jealousy and fear. If we can do that in our selves individually, then we have changed the world.

Perhaps this is a time to make peace with each other, and in doing so, we create peace on Earth. Hey, what have we got to lose, (except maybe our pride) it might just work!

I am so moved by all the beautiful email messages of hope, healing, love, compassion and encouragement that are going around. Please don't stop circulating them to me and to your lists. They are blessings and they are powerful.

An affirmation I've been working with for a long time now is: "As I heal myself, I heal the planet". So be it.

Here is a quote from one of my daughter's books, called the "Wings of Change" by Franklin Hill: "As the world turns, so do you, and when you change for the good, you change the world too."

May we all have the compassion and strength to move through the confusion into the light and clarity of who we truly are!

Love & Cosmic Blessings,

Please note: The rules for interpreting event charts are not the same as interpreting individual charts, so there is no need to take any of the interpretations to heart.

Roxanne Carol
Celestial Liaisons Unlimited

Reprinted with permission


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