Heart Links


Check out this Amazing Mandala
(make sure to move your mouse over it
and watch it change)

Visit the Sistine Chapel
Use your mouse to get a 360° view

Adobe Cards
Drag the slider at the bottom slowly to the right
and enjoy the show!

Make any photo into a cartoon

Mouse over the
People of Influence Painting
and find out who they are.
Click and be brought to Wikipedia to read about them

Create your own Jackson Pollock Artwork

Visit the Cleverest.com
Drag the circles around and watch
what happens.

Plant your own flower garden
with a click (or drag) of your mouse

Do you want your computer screen cleaned?
Click Here

If you want to learn all about famous hoaxes visit
The Museum of Hoaxes
home to the Hoax Photo Database, the Hoax Forum,
the Hoaxipedia, and: The Top 20 Satirical Candidates
The Top 100 April Fools
The Museum of Hoaxes is the sister site of
Weird Universe.

If you love jukebox music visit

Create your own unique animated snowflake

Mouse over these teddy bears
and watch them tumble

What Your Name Means
Type in your name and check out what your name means

Use your horizontal scroll bar on this site
to get a BEAUTIFUL 180° view of Paris at night

Type a word or phrase and see it spelled out as
an image you can email to someone

A highly addictive online game.  Once
you start you'll have a difficlt time stopping.
You've been warned!

Type something in the link above and watch
an animated woman follow your cursor around
the screen while she speaks what you typed in
the language of your choice

Create a free disposable pocket organizer
a website very professionally designed by
someone whose obvious talents could
definitely be put to better use!

Urban Dictionary
the online repository of every piece of slang,
jargon and cultural flotsam not listed
in the library copy of Webster's

For Inspirational and Humorous
Greeting Cards visit the

The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Company

Visit a beautiful site where
women around the world are
contributing to an on-line quilt

Phenomenal Women's Quilt

A fun site that teaches non-violence.
Wonderdog Software Company is dedicated
to creating software and games for children,
young adults (and even grown ups), that contain
non-violent subject matter! 

Wonderdog Software

Great Animated Political Cartoons

Visit this site to see a list of mistakes that have been
documented in over 1850 movies. You can also
add to the list! If you like movies, plan
to spend some time here.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Duct Tape
but were afraid to ask, you will find on this fascinating,
funny and informative site

The Duct Tape Guys

If you think life's too short to be so serious, check out

Discover Creativity Cafe, a multimedia, collaboratory
gathering place nurturing the creative spirit in everyone.
Creativity Cafe

For some good political satire check out this site
Political Strikes

Free inspirational and informative
email publications that enrich your life

Visit this new National Geographic site that focuses
specifically on animals. Browse the site's photos, maps,
slide shows, and video footage to explore some of the world's
most fascinating species. There's also a section for kids
that includes printable drawings for youngsters to color.

National Geographic

Created by the science humor magazine
"The Annals of Improbable Research,"
this site blends strange-but-true research with satire.


What would a billion (or a trillion) pennies look like?
MegaPenny Project

Visit the San Francsico Exploratorium Online and enjoy
the optical illusions, games, and tests you'll find there

San Francisco Exploratorium

Draw your own design online and then play with it

A wonderfully entertaining and informative website
Bad Astronomy

One of the funniest interactive animation
websites we've seen

Dancing Paul

For a humorous take on the NEWS visit

See what dumb laws YOUR city or state has on its books!
Dumb Laws
Idiot Laws

Watch documentaries about UFOs, Crop Circles, Cosmology,
The Paranormal, New Science, Religion & Politics for FREE!
The Egnigma Channel

Keep tabs on your favorite celebrities & learn
lots of other interesting tidbits. Visit
The Celebrity Cafe

What does your phone number spell?
Phone Spell

This bridge is not to be believed!
Community Bridge

If you are a Gumby fan, you will enjoy this site
Gumby World

For a good laugh visit these sites
Good Clean Funnies List
The Humor Ourchive
Humor Matters
Get Amused

Dress up your plain-text email
Joan Stark's ASCII Art Gallery
Lonster's Lair

To send an electronic greeting, visit these sites
Jackie Lawson (my favorite)

Care2 Cards
Milestone Poetry Cards

All Yours Digital Postcard
Blue Mountain Greetings
Angel Gram
123 Greetings
Planet Pals Fun Mail

Send someone a virtual bouquet
Virtual Florist